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Download Analyze4D (124 MB)
Installation instructions
1.    Unzip the package.
2.    Open MATLAB.
3.    Open install.m in the analyze4d folder
4.    Run the install.m file
5.    The software is now installed
6.    Type ‘analyze4d’ without the quotes in the command window to open the Analyze4d software.
How to load data
1. To load data go to File menu and then click ‘Import Data’
2. Pick the data type and file format.
3. A file picker window will now appear which allows you pick any number of files that you want to you display. Once you are done selecting the file, click ‘Done’.
4. Analyze4D will now display the data.   You can now select ROIs on the displayed data and get the time-course plots.
Disclaimer: The software is being provided as is, and there is no guarantees that the output of the software is correct. Currently, the software is an orphan-ware, so use it at your own peril.